I IMPLORE you to find fault with this show


3/24/20242 min read

From the very start, FX's new 10 episode "Shōgun" gives the average viewer no pause or boredom and leaves the slightly more critical, analytical audience member feeling intrigued; raring for next week's instalment.

Really, Shōgun is a must watch! With no brevity of amazing performances from both veteran and tender footed actor alike. Gripping action with adequate gore, mature and intelligent writing, thoughtfully derived from great source material, Shōgun DEMANDS your attention. Not through any strenuous plot or ambiguous "deeper meanings". It simply provides the kind of STUNNING entertainment that we were once spoilt for.

Shōgun truly brings you the entire gamut of 17th century Japan in all its glory, thanks chiefly to the masterful Production Design team. With the contrasting beauties of immense, thriving cities that feel uncluttered yet alive, to small fishing villages nestled between seaside cliffs and drippy, moss-plagued forests in the mist. Castles of monumental grandeur alongside fastidiously groomed gardens; not only do the sets feel real, they almost make you envious.

You don't have to watch any "insider" or "behind the scenes" YouTube videos to know that the people working on this show love their jobs. From hair and makeup to costume design, the care and thought poured into each aspect of this show is truly palpable. It comes across like such a fun project to be involved in. A creative group of perfectionists all wanting the same thing; to make something great. Like my third (four tsp) cup of maxwell house instant coffee in the mourning; Shōgun has revitalizing properties.

When shows like this one formulate, they help remind us that among all the woke, propagandised slop we've been forced to choke down from Hollywood, there are still people out there creating compelling, intriguing, smart TV.

I'll be the first to state my bias for historically accurate shows about war, especially around this specific period in time, but please don't mistake me; If there's anything in this world that will drive me to commit seppuku, it's seeing something I love being butchered or mishandled. With Shōgun though, you'll find no out-of-place black or female samurai, pandering dialog or hidden agendas. Instead, this show sticks to real and universal themes like honour, duty, loyalty and sacrifice. A show with REAL diversity, through the clashing of alien cultures without coming off as patronising. It doesn't scold you or preach to you. For that, Shōgun has my unwavering recommendation!